Project Introducing Modifly
Client Signify
What I Did Motion, 3D
Platform Landing Page

The enlightened hero's path

Signify had a very clear vision for how they wanted to present their new modular lighting system, Modifly. They were positioning  it as your new lighting superhero and developed the concept and storyboards for this spot to match. 

The 3D texturing and animation was handed off to another agency and I was slated to to handle the compositing. But after Signify determined that  their agency just wasn't getting the results they were looking for,  they were let go and I was given the reins to develop all the 3D assets.

The delay with the former agency meant I only had three days to complete all the 3D texturing, animation, and compositing. After a few late nights and lots of coffee, I got it done and the video was met with rave reviews.

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