Hello! My name is Joseph Nay.
I love turning needs into ideas, and ideas into beautiful content.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work on and direct some really amazing projects with some incredible clients.

But my career started off like most people – with humble beginnings. I was hired by a small church as the “media director”, meaning if there was anything involving computers, it was part of my job description. My main role was graphic designer, but very quickly there were needs for video, motion, and websites, and I was excited to master all of them.

I’m grateful for my time there because, among many things, it was an awesome training ground for my career. I then transitioned to a global advertising agency where I was really able to flex my muscles and find my voice as a creative. Much like my time at the church, my initial role was as a designer, but I quickly started getting assigned to motion, web, concept development and copy-writing projects. Although working with big clients was a far cry from my beginnings at the church, the challenge was the same: solving problems, but make it beautiful. That has always been my passion, no matter the project. 

Moving on from my role as one of the agency’s Senior Art Directors, I saw the opportunity to work one-on-one with clients to provide them a full range of services as a one-man agency (as some have called me). I love working with clients to solve problems – turning needs into ideas, and ideas into beautiful content. I do this through concept development, copywriting, motion graphics, design, editing, and web development. Let’s connect and make something great together!









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