Project United Alexa Skill
Client United
What I did Concept, Design, Motion
Platform Social, In-Flight

Showing off a new skill

United Airlines was unsatisfied with the pitch they received from their former agency for  ideas to promote their new check-in skill on  Amazon Alexa. Because of this unexpected pivot away from their agency, I had just 48 hours to come up with new social concepts. 

United selected two of my concepts to execute - the first was the 30-second timer. It provided a clear, fun, and engaging approach to show off the new skill and could be executed within a matter of days to hit their deadline. I wrote, storyboarded, and animated the video.

The second approach, the Art of Procrastination, was an idea from a colleague that I then storyboarded, directed, and edited. United loved both finished videos so much that they lived not just on their social channels, but eventually on their in-flight screens.

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