Project DiamondForce
Client Oster
What I Did Concept, Storyboard, Copy, Design, Edit, Motion, 3D
Platform Social, Landing Page

Taking non-stick to new heights

Oster was looking for a unique way to show how their new DiamondForce technology really prevented food from sticking to their cookware surfaces. Rather than the cliche approaches to showing non-stick technology, I wanted to take this idea to a new level. 

This led me to the idea of levitating food, with the key phrase "it's almost as if your food isn't touching the pan at all." After I developed the concept, script, and storyboard, the next hurdle was to figure out how make the food look like it was floating!  In the end, the film crew and I decided we needed to use a mix of 2D and 3D animation to accomplish this.

I enlisted the help of a colleague to create the sandwich and waffle 3D models, while I did the edit of the footage, 3D animation of the diamond and technology scenes, and animation on the bacon and eggs levitating.

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